About Xpediator

About Xpediator PLC

Xpediator Plc is the parent company for the Xpediator Group of companies, which trades under several brands. The original business, trading as “Delamode”, was established in 1988 by Stephen Blyth (the Group’s Chief Executive Officer), providing freight forwarding services in the UK.  Today, the Group’s International network of offices has grown and provides road, sea and air freight services, together with logistics and warehousing in the UK and Romania.

Xpediator has a strong presence in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Baltic states. The Group currently employs over 600 people, with operational headquarters in Braintree, Essex, and country offices in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Romania and Serbia operating across a total of 31 sites.

The Group has three main business areas which are managed autonomously on a day-to-day basis but directed centrally to cross-sell services to the Group’s customer base:

  • Freight forwarding: which trades under the Delamode, Benfleet, Anglia Forwarding, Regional Express and EshopWedrop brands and specialises historically in the UK to CEE routes
  • Logistics and warehousing: which comprises distribution and logistics hubs in the UK, Bulgaria and Romania and operates under the Delamode, Import Services Limited, EMT and Pall-Ex brands
  • Transport services: including bundled fuel and toll cards, predominantly in Romania but also Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro, trading under the Affinity Transport Solutions brand.

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